Q+A with our President, Krystoff Carvonis

The Carvonis Group is up and running and our launch has been strong! We decided to take a few minutes to get to know our president, Krystoff Carvonis, the man behind it all. Here’s a little bit about the founder of The Carvonis Group.

The Carvonis Group: Many people don’t know that before you were an entrepreneur, you were a professional equestrian. We hear that your father was a big inspiration for you. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

The-Carvonis-Group-onhorseKrystoff Carvonis: I got into the equestrian sport when I was 5 years old and still living in Haiti. I travelled all around the world, and everywhere I went, my father always found a way to take time off of his busy dentist schedule to come and support me. Unfortunately, when I was 12, he passed away. A year later, as I was walking through his office, a picture of my first national championship that was on his wall fell to the ground. When I picked it up, I saw that he had left me a message saying that his dream was for me to get to the Olympics and represent my country. From that day on, I’ve become passionate that “His dream… Is my Goal”. I moved to the United States to pursue my equestrian career, but eventually had to take a step back when my family decided to continue investing in our hospitality business. One day, I hope to achieve my dad’s dream of representing Haiti in the Olympics.

The Carvonis Group: What else did you do before taking the entrepreneurial route?

Krystoff Carvonis: I was a marketing associate for a company named BOOM Financial, which is a mobile banking company within the Haitian community.

The Carvonis Group: Why the change of direction?

Krystoff Carvonis: The whole marketing department at BOOM got laid off due to budget cuts and poor planning. For me, it was a big deal. I had just recently graduated and had taken over the expenses that my mom used to help with. I had also recently setup the company’s biggest event during the World Cup and acquired about 2000 new accounts for them. Getting laid off made me realize that I was just a number in a corporate world. At this point, I told myself that I had only two options: either I find something where I could develop myself to become a business owner, or I go back and help my family in the new commercial laundry service that they recently opened. Obviously, I decided to go the entrepreneurial route.

The Carvonis Group: What do you love most about what you do?

Krystoff Carvonis: There is no other business model that I know of like ours. I love the fact that we do not have seniority and that we are a ‘people helping people business’ — a big difference from the corporate world of being just a number. I also enjoy seeing people develop and build upon themselves on a day to day basis. This is the beauty of our business and that is why we attract young entrepreneurial talents who are eager to learn–and who have that drive and passion to make things happen in life.

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