President Krystoff Carvonis Attends Seminar in California

Our president, Krystoff Carvonis, just returned from a business trip to California where he participated in a “crash course” for up and coming entrepreneurs. The week was jam-packed with informative seminars and ideal networking opportunities.

The first seminar covered how to effectively train a high-performing salesperson. The group discussed how to impart sales techniques such as maintaining a high sense of urgency throughout a sales interaction, and how to teach an indifferent demeanor. They also discussed the importance of teaching new representatives how to maintain positive dispositions, as well as how to be efficient and organized throughout each day.

In the next seminar, Carvonis and fellow entrepreneurs discussed “five choices” that would improve time management and create a great lifestyle. The the choices are worth sharing here: (1) Act on the important, don’t react to the urgent; (2) Go for the extraordinary, don’t settle for ordinary; (3) Schedule “big rocks”, don’t sort gravel; (4) Rule your technology, don’t let it rule you’; and (5) Fuel your fire, don’t burn out.

Another interesting topic covered in a seminar was how to recruit top-tier talent. The group discussed interview techniques, how to evaluate a candidate, and several other essentials in the hiring process.

The highlight for Carvonis was a seminar about financial planning, business legalities, and evaluating key performance indicators (KPIs). The session was about determining one’s monthly break even point and the sales needed to keep the business afloat. Also addressed were necessary insurance plans for a business, such as workers compensation, property damage insurance, and general liability coverage. Our president found these topics to be extremely informative and vital to running a successful business.

The evenings in California were enjoyable as well… because when you work hard, it earns you the right to play hard too! After a long day of learning on Thursday, the group ate dinner in Santa Monica on Ocean Drive. On Friday, they enjoyed dinner in Malibu at a nice restaurant on the water where they celebrated one of the attorney’s birthdays. Saturday afternoon was spent at Hermosa Beach Pier, and the evening activities were in Hollywood at the Warwick Lounge.

This was a tremendously successful and enjoyable business trip for the president of The Carvonis Group. Our team is glad to have our leader back, and we can’t wait to soak up some of the knowledge he brought back!

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