Back on the West Coast!

As we reflect on all of our adventures of 2015, we wanted to recap one of our president’s most recent trips across the US to sunny and beautiful Malibu, California. Several times a year, our team gets the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally on behalf of our client or our client broker, but our favorite is always when we get to travel to their headquarters near Los Angeles!

So when The Carvonis Group‘s president, Krystoff, was invited to spend the weekend not only visiting the client broker’s headquarters, but staying at a beautiful beachfront mansion in Malibu, he jumped at the opportunity! In the four jam-packed days he was there, he was able to go hiking at Point Dume, sit on the patio soaking in the ocean air while strategizing for 2016, and most importantly, network with other top performers from across the country.

When we asked Krystoff what the best part of the entire weekend was, he cited his meetings with executives of our client broker as being his favorite experience. Learning about the vision and direction they foresee for our clients was enlightening; and even more exciting was hearing about global expansion into South America and Europe!

On top of all of the business activities and networking, the trip was packed with lots of other fun activities. The group enjoyed a delicious “family dinner” at the home of our client broker’s CEO and spent other afternoons at sites like The Escape Room and 31ten, a popular lounge in Santa Monica.

As Krystoff reflected on his flight home, he told us he was most grateful for the insight he received in areas such as team building, finances and recruitment. As we focus ending the last three weeks of the year with a bang, we can’t wait to implement all that he learned and start getting our passport ready for whatever 2016 has in store for The Carvonis Group!

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