The Carvonis Group Attends Energizing Texas Event

The-Carvonis-Group-Keys00019If you couldn’t tell already, our team at The Carvonis Group loves to travel. This month, CEO Krystoff, and Ianik, a member of our executive team, headed to Austin, TX. We were thrilled to attend one of the largest conferences of the year for our sales and marketing industry. This annual event, perfectly placed at the beginning of each year, is designed to recognize the successes of the previous year and discuss plans for the upcoming year.

We were incredibly honored to have our CEO recognized (on a very large stage, might we add!) for the results we delivered to our client in Q4 of 2015. We were impressed to see over $2.5 million in bonuses reinvested into the partners that help make our client so successful. Talk about generous!

The-Carvonis-Group-Keys00001We asked Krystoff and Ianik what they enjoyed about the conference and they had lots to say. First and foremost, they were thrilled to be surrounded by a multitude of highly successful industry leaders. They were blown away by all of the talent around them, and decided that in order to take The Carvonis Group to the next level, they had to be ready to outwork everyone in that room! We wholeheartedly believe that when you’ve got a great career opportunity and work with great people, all that’s left is inserting hard work into the equation. From there, the sky’s the limit!

Our team also enjoyed the networking opportunity. Krystoff and Ianik have longstanding relationships with individuals whom they trained with in the past, met at previous events, or collaborated with in other capacities. The event felt almost like a family reunion! The conference served as an important reminder of the power of relationship-building, especially in the marketing and sales industry.

When we asked Krystoff and Ianik what they would be taking back to Miami after the long weekend they both agreed that it would be energy! They recognize that the ability to inspire and fuel the team at The Carvonis Group will be the difference between hitting client goals and exceeding them.

As sad as they were to leave the great state of Texas, the two were jazzed to return home and get back to work with the team that made the entire weekend possible. Stay tuned for more from our team!

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