Meet Cristal. This Girl is on Fire!

If there’s anyone who embodies The Carvonis Group‘s philosophy of merit-based advancement, it’s Cristal. It seems like just yesterday that she joined our Miami team. Yet, within just a few months of employment, she has rapidly climbed the ranks of our firm and has earned a promotion onto our executive team.

We stole a few minutes of Cristal’s time to find out why and how she’s come so far so quickly. When you read her answers, it will be totally obvious why we think she’s an absolute STUD!

Cristal and Daniel

Question: To what do you attribute the success you’ve had so soon after joining the team?

I think I’ve come far so quickly because I’m dedicated to what I do. I’m very goal oriented so I write down my goals and feel satisfied when they’re accomplished. What separates me from anyone else is just being responsible. I follow what I’m taught in the office and implement it in everyday life. Plus, I have a drive to be somebody one day which gives me incredible work ethic.

Question: How would you describe the team you manage?

My team is very much similar to me. They are hungry for success and dynamic. They have a student mentality that they just want to learn everything about the business. Leading by example is very important to me. So I’m glad my team is following in my footsteps as I followed in my leaders and in Krystoff.

Question: What are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to my next promotion and learning everything else on the back end of the business. I want to exactly how it works so I can perfect the process which will help when I’m a branch manager. I look forward to watching and helping my team grow and expand and helping other team leaders get to the next step. I love that this is a people helping people business. It’s all about team work.

Did we call it right? Are you impressed?  Now that she’s a member of the executive team, Cristal has officially made it onto our website. If you want to learn more about her, you can visit our Meet the Team page.

Stay tuned for more from The Carvonis Group!

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