Daniel Mendelson Promoted at The Carvonis Group

The-Carvonis-Group-DanielPromotion00006Hard work always pays off. It certainly did for Daniel Mendelson of The Carvonis Group. We are proud to announce that on Friday, March 25 he was officially promoted into an Assistant Manager position.

The Assistant Management position is one of the most difficult promotions to achieve in our firm. It’s not a matter of having the right attitude or displaying the right behaviors just sometimes. It is a promotion earned due to a person’s ability to show tremendous consistency in doing the right things.

Daniel has been a key asset of our firm ever since we opened our doors. Here’s what Krystoff Carvonis, our firm’s founder and CEO had to say:

“It’s not about being the top sales person in the office. It’s about duplicating yourself and helping others grow. Daniel is the first person to go out of his way to make sure that all of his teammates have the right tools in order to be successful. Early mornings, late nights, and long drives are all part of his daily routine — along with the strongest work ethic and attitude. These are just some of the things that have had a strong contribution to his success today.”

The-Carvonis-Group-DanielPromotion00007Now for the most interesting part of this blog post (get excited)… We decided to ask Daniel, himself, to share some wisdom about his journey. Enjoy!

Question: What are some specific actions that you take that make you a strong leader? What might you recommend to a new team leader?

Daniel: Being a strong leader is very important to me. There are three things I pride myself on when it comes to being a role model for my team. They are attitude, effort and results. A good attitude is contagious, so when I am being constantly positive, my team does the same. Effort is equally contagious. A good work ethic and maximum effort rubs off on my team, so when I’m going 110%, I know my team is doing the same. Lastly, results is something I pride myself on. A good leader will set the pace and be amongst the top producers everyday. I challenge my team to be the same.

Question: What has been the biggest challenge for you thus far – and how did you overcome it?

Daniel: The biggest challenge for me thus far was learning a new marketing campaign for a new client. After being the top performer for another client three months in a row, it was tough to start from scratch with another campaign. But the beauty of it was that I was already trained on the “basics” of any sales process. At The Carvonis Group we keep our key systems very simple, so it was easy to transfer this knowledge to working with a new client. Another challenge for me was moving from Broward County to Dade County, due to the fact I don’t speak Spanish. I quickly learned to use this to my advantage and develop more rapport with a prospect. It also helped to have Spanish speaking trainees with me!

Question: In your opinion, what are the biggest differences between someone who succeeds and someone who fails in this business?

Daniel: The biggest differences between someone who succeeds and someone who fails are very simple. The person who fails never truly wanted it as much as the person who succeeds. I knew from day one that I would be successful and nothing would stand in the way of making that happen. You need to want to be successful as much as you need to breathe. That’s the only mentality you can have in this business. Sure, there will be roadblocks and uncontrollables, but in order to be successful you must overcome them and keep the end in mind.

You can probably tell from Daniel’s answers that his success at The Carvonis Group is not a coincidence! Our team is so incredibly proud of what he has accomplished thus far. The sky is the limit for this go-getter and we can’t wait to see what he does next!

Here are some more pictures from his promotion ceremony!

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