The Carvonis Group Represents at Industry Event in Los Angeles

The-Carvonis-Group-00001The Carvonis Group was thrilled to be invited to one of the most noteworthy events of the year for the direct marketing industry. President Krystoff Carvonis and Assistant Manager Daniel Mendelson flew out to Los Angeles on Thursday for a long weekend of learning, networking, and fun on the West Coast. The event featured seminars centered around leadership subjects such as the importance of leading from the front and demonstrating a proper example. Our president had the opportunity to speak in front of the group about creating team synergy and identity, a topic about which he is passionate. Another highlight of the trip was spending time with the various executives of our client brokerage firm and hearing about the exciting new developments and opportunities that are underway in the near future.

The-Carvonis-Group-00002After this career-changing and memorable trip, we decided to ask Krystoff and Daniel about their experiences:

You attended this event last year. What made this year’s event different from last year’s?

Krystoff: I attended this event last year as an account executive and team leader in the industry, before I was a business owner. Now, one year later, I am attending the same event as an entrepreneur, sharing my experiences and giving out tips to the up-and-comers of our business. I also had the opportunity to talk with the CEO of our broker company and pick his brain about the future of our business and our expansion internationally. The opportunity seems to just keep on increasing year after year.

What was your biggest takeaway that you’ll be bringing back home to Miami?

Krystoff: My biggest takeaway is definitely the path that I see our business is taking. We are getting more involved with the clients and are actually acquiring a few them which allows us to pay our reps even more. We are teaming up with Salesforce who will facilitate the process of signing up a customer and will allow us to have everything in hand before even reaching out to the customer. We are also planning on going global with the expansion of Europe already happening. Here at The Carvonis Group I want to help all the guys take advantage of that and open up as many markets as possible within the next year, keeping in mind that we already have 2 of those in the pipelines.

The-Carvonis-Group-00003Now let’s hear from Daniel, our recently promoted Assistant Manager!

What were your favorite parts of the seminar?

Daniel: This weekend’s event was a great experience and I enjoyed everything about it very much. Meeting some of the executive team of our client broker was awesome. I was able to have a one on one sit down with their CEO and we spoke on both a business level and a personal one as well. Working with the other attendees was great too. Every person there was sharp so it was a great experience talking and learning from them. It is great to see that others in the industry share some of the same goals and vision I do.

How did this event change the game for you?

Daniel: Speaking with our client broker’s president about where she thinks the company is headed and some of the aspirations they look to fulfill was my biggest takeaway. It was exciting to see how invested the company is in their people and it made me want to work even harder to reach my goals. When I shared this with the other members of my team they were equally as excited.

As you can see, there are tremendous benefits in getting out of town and spending time with other successful individuals. Daniel and Krystoff were proud to represent The Carvonis Group in California and have brought back tons of knowledge and excitement to the East Coast.

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