Adriano Patiño of The Carvonis Group Recognized at Conference

Adriano Patiño (AJ)

The Carvonis Group was thrilled to see one of our very own team leaders receive an award at a recent conference in West Palm Beach. Adriano Patiño, or AJ, was recognized in front of a crowd of 200 sales and marketing professionals for his excellent leadership performance. Since joining our team only a few short months ago, AJ has not only performed well as an account manager, but as an overall pacesetter and an example to follow within the firm. In the spirit of recognition, we thought it would be great to learn more about what makes this stud all that he is. Below, you will find a brief interview with our award winner, AJ:


Tell us about your background!

AJ: I was born in Guatemala, where I graduated from an architecture university and ran my own business for 10 years. I moved to the U.S. in December of 2014 because I knew I could earn an amazing life there. I worked odd jobs in the States until I found The Carvonis Group and met Krystoff in late December 2015. After talking to the guy for 5 minutes, I knew he was the type of person I wanted to learn from. The advancement opportunity made it a no brainer — this was the perfect way to run a business again and live the exceptional life I want!

How did it feel to earn this award?

AJ:  First and foremost, I was very surprised when I heard my name! As I was walking up, I had a rush through my body as I could hear so many people clapping. I had a great feeling of accomplishment and happiness when I got to Krystoff for my award — and just gave him a very big hug.

What do you think makes you a top performer?

AJ:  I had to overcome a few personal issues in the first couple of months of 2016, but ever since I made the decision in late February to just listen to the advise and direction of my mentors, my performance has increased exponentially. So, I developed the LISTENING and TRUSTING skill. I also have over two decades of teaching experience and feel that I am able to transmit my knowledge to others in an effective manner.

What are your favorite things about working at The Carvonis Group?

AJ:  The ENVIRONMENT hands down. I mean, anyone who knows Krystoff will tell you that he has this amazing vibe or aura around him!! He will push you to your limit, challenge you, and make you be the best you can be and then some! BUT, the best part is that he has a way of making sure that everyone knows it and it develops a camaraderie between the team, which in turn drives everyone to excel!

Pretty great stuff. As you can probably tell just by reading this, AJ is a total pleasure to work with. He is a tremendous asset to the team, and there is zero doubt that all of his hard work will pay off, given the path that he’s currently on. Stay tuned for a blog post about AJ’s assistant management promotion in the upcoming months! No pressure, AJ!

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