Ianik Drouin Promoted at The Carvonis Group

The-Carvonis-Group-IanikPromotionJune2016.JPGThe Carvonis Group is thrilled to announce the promotion of Ianik Drouin to Assistant Manager here in Miami. On Friday, June 10, we hosted a ceremony, recognizing the hard work that led up to this important day. This is the second Assistant Management promotion at our firm, with the last one occurring only 11 weeks ago.

Why is an Assistant Management promotion such cause for celebration? Firstly, the promotion is strictly a result of performance. There is an important distinction to make between being promoted because of merit, versus the all-too-common reasons of other companies, such as an individual’s long-time employment, favoritism from management, nepotism, or other similar phenomena. Ianik earned this promotion because of his extremely hard work, excellent leadership, and his ability to produce all-around results in key areas. He was able to achieve highly specific goals and hit the well-established benchmarks necessary to move into this role. Those who have worked in our industry know that a lot goes into getting to this point in one’s career.


The second reason for excitement is that this promotion means Ianik is one step closer to managing an office of his own. Assistant Management is the third step of our management training program, with the next and final step being expansion to a new location. An entrepreneurial spirit, incredible work ethic, and team-oriented mindset make Ianik the perfect person to have such a responsibility.

Our president, Krystoff Carvonis, shared the following in his moving promotion speech:

His goals and dreams are so big that his work ethic has doubled. Ianik is always the first guy in the office and one of the last to walk out the door at night. He is always ready to coach others and take on responsibilities. He makes sure to keep me on my toes and act as if this office was his. If anyone needs anything they know that they will find the answer with Ianik. He is passionate about what he does and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

So how did he get here? Let’s hear directly from Ianik about the actions and mentalities that have made him successful.

Question: What are some specific actions that you take that make you a strong leader? What might you recommend to others?

Ianik: After speaking to several business owners and doing multiple one-on-ones about creating a strong team, one answer was repeated over and over: “You must have critical conversations with your team.” This means making sure you know what their goals are and what they look to gain by working with the The Carvonis Group. By doing so, you are able to guide them to become the best they can be. To new leaders, I recommend spending quality time with each and every one of their team members. By creating a team identity, having critical conversations, and spending time out of the office with my team, we doubled in size in a matter of weeks.

Question: In your opinion, what are the biggest differences between someone who succeeds and someone who fails in this business?

Ianik: Quitting and not quitting. Seriously, if you know what you want but don’t expect to sweat for it, you won’t make it – and you will quit. Every business owner seems to have had a breaking point they overcame that led them to run successful companies. So don’t quit.

We collected video messages from each member of The Carvonis Group as well as colleagues and mentors of Ianik. In doing so, we noticed a common theme. Almost everyone said in their message: “I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.” This is a true testament to Ianik as a leader, a businessman, and a person. We could not be prouder of him for all that he’s accomplished thus far and cannot wait to see his next steps.

Here are some more pictures from the ceremony!

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