Leadership Lessons from Lester

Krystoff and Lester

The Carvonis Group in Miami, FL is a “people helping people” business. If you’ve never heard a business described in that manner, then welcome to the conversation about becoming successful through the path of helping others! We strongly value leadership by example, and we especially like to recognize the team leaders in our firm who demonstrate this. For today’s blog post we decided to steal a moment from Lester, who has been setting the pace at The Carvonis Group and taking on increasing amounts of responsibility.

We asked him, “What are some specific actions that you take that make you a strong leader? What might you recommend to a new team leader?” We hope you enjoy his answer!

From Lester:

As a leader, your actions set the tone for what is appropriate behavior in the workplace. Exhibit actions that you want your team to follow. Work ethic, responsibility, and punctuality are very important to maintain your position. Some advice that I can give to newer leaders is to always show your human side and gain the respect of employees and customers alike. Let your team know they may openly discuss workplace issues with you.

You need to be approachable at all times. Give employees your attention, keep an open mind and make eye contact as they speak. Maintain the confidentially of the conversation. You can build trust this way. Be sure your staff knows of your expectations for them.

Let your team know you are open to their ideas. Empower them to take their ideas to the next level by giving positive feedback and constructive advice as necessary. The opportunity to present and try out ideas can lead employees to deeper commitment, enhanced problem-solving abilities and greater productivity. Reward creativity and recognize that these actions help your staff develop their full potential. It is easy to be positive when things are going well but a good leader will remain confident when things go wrong. Take a look at those who have previously held your position. Examine why they failed and why they succeeded. Become aware of common mistakes. Compare your leadership style to theirs and always give your best in anything you do. These actions are what will make you a strong leader.

It is plain to see that Lester has the mentality of a true leader. Our team at The Carvonis Group is incredibly proud of this guy for what he’s already accomplished in such a short time, and we’re looking to the future to see what he does next. Keep up the awesome work, Lester!

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