David Shares His Secrets to Success at The Carvonis Group

the-carvonis-group-davidThe Carvonis Group
, located in Miami, FL, has been growing nonstop this year! Recently, David Pires has been promoted to a team leader position within the company. This promotion comes after only seven months on the job and was earned solely because of his fantastic performance at the firm. Not only does the position mean greater responsibility, but it also marks the half-way point on David’s journey through the management training program at this Miami-based company.

Impressively, David is currently ranked number one out of over 300 account managers nationwide that represent our client. He’s clearly doing everything right so we just had to get to know him better!

President Krystoff Carvonis said, “David is successful because of his dedication. He’s the first one to the office in the morning and always shows up ready to play. He’s also extremely competitive and loves a challenge. He hates being told that he can’t do something.”

David attributes his success to the training that he’s received which has helped him to develop successful habits. He’s aware that succeeding in sales is in large part a numbers game, which keeps his confidence high.

We asked David what motivates him to be successful within the company and progress through the management training program so quickly. This is what he shared with us:

“I am a pacesetter because I have to make it happen — I have to reach my goals because I have a family to support, and if I was not setting the pace I would not be able manage a successful team. I truly believe that the hardest door to open is my car door, and once I’ve done that all the others come naturally.”

With a ‘millionaire mindset’ like this one, it’s no wonder that David is headed for greatness so quickly.

For more from The Carvonis Group, follow the team on Instagram @thecarvonisgroup.

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