Tiffany Collins Reviews Lessons Learned While Working at The Carvonis Group

At The Carvonis Group (Miami, FL), we believe that no career is complete without the chance to grow personally and professionally. Accordingly, we do everything we can to provide an enriching experience to each member of the team. This means daily coaching from senior leadership, new challenges every day, and encouraging all employees to get out of their comfort zones.

tiffany-the-carvonis-group-2We decided to interview one of the lead trainers at The Cavonis Group, Tiffany Collins, to hear what types of lessons she’s learned recently on the job.

“The biggest personal lesson I have learned while working for The Carvonis Group would be the importance of understanding the WHY behind everything you do,” she told us. She explained that knowing what drives you gives you a reason to wake up every day. She elaborated, “Having a purpose behind everything you do will help you achieve great things. It keeps you motivated, and pushes you forward even when you feel like you can’t go anymore.”

She’s only been part of the team for 8 months, but she hasn’t let that hold her back from earning two promotions! What’s one of her secrets to success? “Having and maintaining a great attitude all day, every day, regardless of the adversity that strikes you.” “If you stay positive, positive things will come your way,” she added.

tiffany-the-carvonis-group-1We checked in with President Krystoff Carvonis to hear more about what makes this team leader so effective in her role. He shared with us, “Tiffany is very well organized! She is super hard working and makes sure that everything is done in a timely manner.”

We commend Tiffany for all that she has accomplished so far and encourage anyone reading this to take a page out of her book by challenging yourself every day.

We will leave you with one of our favorite quotes while we’re on the subject:

“Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field.” — Dennis Waitley

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