The Carvonis Group Promotes Ianik to Management

The Carvonis Group is thrilled to announce that one of our management trainees has completed his training and is about to open his own office. Ianik was one of the original members of The Carvonis Group upon our opening in 2015. He started in an entry-level role in which he was responsible for acquiring new small business customers for our mobility client. He then moved into a leadership role in which his primary focus was training and developing account managers at our firm. Then, in June 2016, Ianik earned the sought-after position of Assistant Manager, a role that he has held until now.

You’ll recall from our post about Ianik’s promotion to Assistant Manager (read the blog post here), that our president, Krystoff Carvonis, expressed that Ianik was acting like a manager long before he officially earned the title. This is undoubtedly one of the keys to success at The Carvonis Group. You see, when an individual is able to advance as quickly as he or she determines, it’s never a bad idea to go the extra mile.

So what did that extra mile look like? Ianik mastered the art of the competitive edge. For example, he arrived at the office earlier than the rest of the team — and he left slightly later. He used this time to prepare for the day, to meet with his mentors and his team members, and to enhance his skill set wherever he could. He also had ongoing critical conversations with his team — which means that he was willing to have the tougher conversations that are necessary when coaching someone to be his or her best. He spent many hours getting to know his people, understanding their goals and dreams, and being there for them when they needed support. All of this has undoubtedly paid off.

In speaking with the members of Ianik’s team, it is apparent that compassion is one of his most admirable qualities. Several of his colleagues expressed that he is a person who is always willing to help others — and that this is a behavior that he values in his team members as well.

This has been an extremely exciting time for everyone at The Carvonis Group. There is nothing more motivating or inspiring than seeing someone’s hard work pay off. Be sure to stay up to date with us by following @ TheCarvonisGroup on Instagram!

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