Get to Know our HR Manager [PART 2]

Welcome back! We’ve been hearing from Jackie Wimmer, our Human Resources Manager. If you missed part one you can check it out here. In this second part of our interview with her, she shares her thoughts on what it takes to work here at The Carvonis Group. Check it out!

When you’re interacting with people and you’re looking to hire somebody new at the firm, what do you look for?

Image uploaded from iOS (1)I look to see if they have experience in customer service. That’s the priority. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have experience in sales, we give them all the tools they need to excel. But as long as they have customer service experience, they already know what customers are looking for, they know how to take control of a situation. I look to see if they have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. I want to see if they’re a people person.

My job is to open and grow new offices, so we’re always looking for new talent. The only thing that we’re asking is that you invest time and dedication because we’ll give you everything else you need to excel. I want somebody who is looking for opportunities to grow and learn. Here in Miami, marketing is really tough. I’m looking for somebody who wants to work hard at their position and make a name for him- or herself.

How do you foster relationships with your employees?

We have a lot of people from different countries here in Miami. I’m Mexican, so if I see somebody new who’s from Venezuela and they’re very shy, I’ll say “Hey, we have a lot of Venezuelans here, and we also have a lot of people with your same personality, you’re going to be a great fit here and I think you’ll really enjoy working for us.”

How do you balance friendliness and professionalism with your employees? 

JackieQuote2.pngIt’s a tricky thing to do. I’m a very bubbly person but when we offer you employment and you accept, you are committing to the job. If I see somebody that’s late three times a week, I’m going to talk to them. But if somebody is going through something, I’m always here and available for my people. If I see that something is wrong and that somebody doesn’t have the work ethic that we have here, I’ll be cautious of that and I’ll let them know that I’m watching that.

To read the conclusion to this interview series, click here.

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