Danilo Quintero Reflects on his First Year at The Carvonis Group [PART 1]

Today marks one year that team leader Danilo Quintero has been working at The Carvonis Group! Like many of our employees, Danilo’s hard work has helped him to advance rapidly at our company, earning him a recent promotion to an executive leadership position. In celebration of his impressive year, we interviewed him to learn about his time here.

15304456_1016294591816036_6850118232886072486_o (1)How long have you worked at The Carvonis Group? How did you end up working here?

I started on July 7th, 2016, so exactly one year. I received a call from the recruiter and then I came in for an interview and the job was exactly what I was looking for!

What’s your favorite part about working here?

My favorite part about working at The Carvonis Group is having the opportunity to move up and manage my own office. It’s a growth opportunity that’s not offered in a lot of jobs nowadays. I was a stockbroker before, and there’s really little to no opportunity for advancement in that industry. If I had stayed there, five years from now I would most likely still be a stockbroker, working every single day under a boss, and having no freedom to make my own choices. At The Carvonis Group, five years from now, I may even become a consultant, and I would have complete time and financial freedom.

What qualities help you and other team leaders excel at your jobs?

DaniloQuote1First and foremost, it’s following a set of principles and work habits. The first one is having a great attitude. If you think about it, if you wake up with a great attitude, you’re going to be on time to work. And if you’re on time, that means you had time to prepare yourself, so you’re going to be ready for the day. If you’re ready to work hard for a full day and you’re doing things right, you’re taking control of your day, and you’re going to succeed in life.

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