Danilo Quintero Reflects on his First Year at The Carvonis Group [PART 3]

We’ve been interviewing one of our team leaders in celebration of the completion of his first year working here at The Carvonis Group! Click here to check out part 1 of our interview with Danilo Quintero, or here to read part 2. If you’re all caught up, read the final part of the series below!

DaniloCan you describe the owner of the company, Krystoff Carvonis? What do you admire about him as a leader?

I admire him because he’s very smart and patient. He has really high standards so he’s always encouraging us to grow. He’s a great leader because he’s very systematic and knows the building blocks needed for a great business and for overall growth. He always follows the principles that he teaches us and takes things to the next level. He never misses work, he’s always there, he’s always ready for battle. He’s put his heart into the work, he cares so much about people.

What do you want to have accomplished by the time you reach a managerial position? What do you want to be remembered for?

DaniloQuote3My main focus is being able to provide people with the same opportunities that I was provided with. Everybody deserves a chance to be successful in life and to achieve their goals and dreams. Beyond that, I want to have been there day in and day out, with a no excuse mentality. I want to be helping the people that are placed in my hands to grow and get to that next level. I want to go to bed every night and know that I gave 100 percent. I want to make my guys proud of me. I want to know that I helped people reach their goals.

Congratulations on your great first year at The Carvonis Group, Danilo. We’re lucky to have you!

For more updates on what our team is up to, take a look at our blog or head over to our LinkedIn!

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