3 Ways to Better Market Yourself [MUST-READ TIPS]

Here at The Carvonis Group (Miami, FL), marketing is a specialty of ours. However, as individuals, people rarely focus on marketing their skills, abilities, and personality as much as they do for their respective companies. Networking, sales, and promotions are all tremendously enhanced by one’s ability to market and sell, not only a product but themselves as human beings. Here are some ways you can improve your self-marketing abilities to get a leg up in the business world!

Smiling may seem small, but it makes a big difference.

Consciously, we usually don’t think about how much a smile affects our opinions on people. Yet, subconsciously, when we meet a new person, we analyze that smile and associate the stranger with a positive energy. Of course, we all love to smile here at The Carvonis Group, but sometimes people can forget how critical it is. As most of you know, first impressions are key. The first and easiest thing you can do when meeting a new person is to put on your warmest, friendliest smile to show them that you are happy to be meeting them. The first thing they see, before any words come out of your mouth, will be that great big smile.

Also, during phone conversations with clients, prospects, or colleagues alike, it is important to smile while you’re talking with them. Yes, it sounds crazy. But you can truly “hear a smile” through the phone – which makes you come off as cheerful and grateful.

Write a list

Keep a list of your best qualities. Whether it’s on your phone, computer, or a notebook – writing down your positive attributes will help you better market yourself. Rather than focusing on your inabilities and negative traits – it is important to always document your abilities and skills to help them resonate in your brain. We have a lot of important lists that we keep here at The Carvonis Group; however, these types of lists are always important to keep too!

This will undoubtedly make you more confident and aid you in forgetting your negatives while talking to new people. The more you update your list, the more confident you’ll feel, which will result in more qualities being added to the list. It’s a beautiful cycle!

Personality is key

Never be afraid to show some of the “personal” you in replacement for the “professional” you. Of course, there is a line and that line should be respected! However, upon first impression, nobody likes to have a conversation with a corporate robot. Business, business, business is not a great mindset to have when trying to market yourself – especially in a social setting. Everybody has quirks and personal interests that make them the human being that they are, so it is important to not bury them under an over-professional persona. People enjoy people – not robots!

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