Tiffany Collins Weighs in on Her First Year at The Carvonis Group [INSIGHT]

Tiffany Collins has been working at The Carvonis Group (Miami, FL) for almost a year now and she is loving every second of it. When we asked CEO, Krystoff Carvonis, about Tiffany and her performance, he was clearly proud of the work she has done.

“She has come a long way since her start last August. Her organizational skills are top-notch, as well as her ability to teach others effectively. Tiffany really takes the time to make sure people are learning and she is the first to volunteer if someone needs assistance. In addition, if you tell her to do something you can guarantee that she will get it done. She is incredibly reliable.” – Krystoff Carvonis

There is nothing quite like ‘opportunity’. It is something that keeps employees motivated and happy in their careers. In turn, it is no secret that we give our team members ample opportunity for growth because we believe that hard work pays off! This is easily Tiffany’s favorite aspect of working here.


“Well, opportunity for advancement is hands down my favorite part about working at The Carvonis Group. The company is structured in a way that you are able to move up the ladder with hard work and persistence, which is super important for morale.” – Tiffany Collins

This structure was formulated by Krystoff, who puts in a lot of effort to motivate his employees. His open-door policy and proactive involvement make him a lot more than just a CEO.

“You could say that he’s like an accountability partner in addition to being a great boss. He is always on top of me and pushing me to reach my goals and it really helps me stay committed. The motivation that Krystoff gives me is unparalleled. If I ever need anything I can surely count on him.” – Tiffany Collins

Motivation does very little for an employee if there is no valuable skill set being cultivated. That’s why we try to merge the two into an impeccable recipe for success. Professional growth, as well as personal growth, are needed in order to maintain complete success. The skills that employees learn inside the office are applicable to life outside of company doors.


“Learning how to coach people towards their goals is something that I didn’t have a grasp of before I came to The Carvonis Group. There is nothing like helping other people accomplish goals – it is a win-win scenario! I also outgrew my shyness by operating outside of my comfort zone. Learning how to talk to people and having smooth conversations are essential both in my professional career and in my personal life. This position has also taught me how to work hard, which is a trait that I’ve built over my time here.” – Tiffany Collins


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