3 Chilling Horror Movies to Watch This October [LIST]

It’s October here and everyone at The Carvonis Group (Miami, FL) is excited. With fall upon us, it’s time for pumpkin-flavored anything, costume hunting, and most, importantly, horror movies! Of course, not everyone has the bravery to sit through an hour and a half of spooky scares and spine-tingling tales; however, those of you that are feeling festive will love these 3 chilling horror movies to watch this October!



Ahhh, ‘Insidious’! From one of the greatest horror directors on Earth, James Wan, Insidious is a terrifying story about a family who is living in a haunted house. Sounds typical, right? The twist is that the son (pictured above) falls into a deep coma and gains the ability to enter another realm that is referred to only as “the further”. As you would expect, there is a sinister force that is trying to keep him there and his family must fight to bring their son back! If you enjoy this film, there are two more Insidious movies that are equally as scary!



For those who are reluctant to watch horror movies due to becoming too spooked – ‘Zombieland’ is the perfect mix of comedy and horror that manages to scare you, while giving you belly laughs that will erase any chance of nightmares. Yes, here at The Carvonis Group, we run most efficiently when we get our 8 hours – so take this as our week night recommendation! Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg star in this laugh-out-loud zombie thriller that will surely fill your horror needs as well as satisfy your comedy craving!



Highly regarded as the best horror movie so far in 2017, ‘Get Out’ is a masterpiece. With 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, this film is not your typical horror movie. Chris and his girlfriend, Rose, have gotten close enough that it is time for Chris to meet her parents. However, he quickly realizes that there is something very, very wrong going on at Rose’s parents house. ‘Get Out’ has some great comic relief to let you know that there are still laughs to be had in the world of horror, but this movie will creep you out in the best way!


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