Getting to Know One of Our Valued Team Leaders, Rafael Gonzalez

Rafael-The-Carvonis-GroupThe Carvonis Group is very proud to have people like Rafael Gonzalez representing our company. He demonstrates the true values of a leader which is why he was promoted so quickly.

The Carvonis Group asked Rafa a few questions regarding his job and what he’s learned thus far. His answers are a testament to why he’s been so successful in such a short amount of time.

We began by asking Rafael a few basic questions about The Carvonis Group and what it’s taught him during his time here.

Q: What aspect of working at The Carvonis Group has had the largest impact on you?

A: “For me, it’s been about learning, growing, and developing. I’ve learned so much in a short amount of time because of the people and the atmosphere that this company has.”

Q: How has Krystoff influenced your experience at The Carvonis Group?

A: “He has been a phenomenal leader and mentor. He comes in and gives 150% every day and it rubs off on the people that work around him. He’s very passionate about what he does and he brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm.”

We then asked Rafael some questions about his own leadership style and how he runs his team.

Q: How would you describe your style of leadership?

A: “My mission is to always be there for my team. I want them to trust and rely on me to always be there for them and help in whatever way possible. My job is to set the pace and lead by example but it’s important to show your team you support them as well.”

Q: How has this position helped you develop personally and professionally?

A: “Well a lot of what I’ve learned applies to both. I’ve learned about time management, organization, and learning about what it is you do. In the office, you have to know the system if you want to be successful, and my position has helped me do that.”

Rafael is quickly rising the ranks at The Carvonis Group because of his great leadership qualities and his determined work ethic. The Carvonis Group is happy to know that we have great team leaders like Rafael working for us every day.

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