3 Tips for Making Every Hour of Each Day Count | The Carvonis Group

Time management plays a crucial role in our success here at The Carvonis Group (Miami, FL). No “if’s, and’s, or but’s” about it. You have 24 hours to utilize in each day of your life and how you spend them is all up to you. We do recommend that our people get 8 hours of sleep every night—but that still leaves a whole lot of time for productivity and advancement.

“Waste” is not a word that we like to use here, unless the word “don’t” is placed in front of it. Wasting time is wasting everything—money, efficiency, productivity, etc. Being able to manage your time wisely is a skill that has an immediate payoff. The Carvonis Group is here with 3 tips that will help you make the most of every hour of each day!

1. Plan, Plan, Plan

Pay attention to how long it takes you to perform certain tasks. Make sure to log that information and use it to your advantage! When we plan on doing something, we often speculate on the time that it will take to complete the task and this speculation is usually made in our favor. In other words, we usually underestimate the amount of time it takes to accomplish something, but in reality, it takes longer than we expect.

By knowing how long it takes to complete specific jobs, you will be better prepared for planning. Preparation for preparation? You betcha! Now you can plan your day on paper and avoid rushing through projects because your plans are based in reality and not hopeful expectations.

2. Prioritize

You need to keep a to-do list—that’s the most important rule when it comes to time management. However, people rarely prioritize their to-do lists and it results in a plethora of tasks, each fighting for your attention. Organize your list by importance—top to bottom. No ties, no excuses.

Each task has a level of importance and it should be placed on the list accordingly. This way, you will be able to use the hours of your day to tackle the most urgent tasks first in ascending order.

3. Take Breaks

Your brain can only handle so much work at a time. Be sure to pencil in small breaks throughout the day to give your head a chance to recuperate and regain focus. Taking breaks might not sound like work, but it sure helps in the long run.

Sure, NASCAR drivers would love to drive around and around and around without ever having to take a pitstop. However, if they didn’t stop to refuel and tune-up, their vehicles would break down and no one wins a race with a busted car. The same goes for our brains at The Carvonis Group.

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