5 Money Saving Tips to Save for a Rainy Day

You work and you work and you work because you love it, but where exactly is that money going and how do you make the most of it? Sure, you deal with the regular costs of living, but what do you do when that rainy Saturday rolls around and you’re looking for a little extra something to spend on a fun movie or dinner? The Carvonis Group has some great options for you, so keep on reading!


  1. Digit is a money saving application that links right to your bank account. You set the goals of what you are saving for and, when there is a little extra cash, this application saves a bit of that money in another account which you can only access when you have enough for those specific events or things you’ve been saving up for!
  2. Groupon can help you find great deals in your area for very cheap. You and your friends can chip in on events that you can all do together!
  3. Credit Karma manages your bank accounts and, similar to most money saving applications, it takes bits and pieces to save. It also tracks your credit history and spending patterns to give you advice on the best way to save with what you already have and what you’ll be making.
  4. Do it the old-fashioned way and keep a jar or an actual savings account that you put a bit of cash in each week – just what you can spare. You’ll thank yourself later when you can afford to do the things you’ve been waiting for.
  5. Save in the first place by waiting at least a week before buying something you see online or in a store. The first impression you get of it, and the fact that you absolutely need to have it, may change after a week of being away you may realize you have other things you could use the money for later!


Don’t let the rainy weather or silly spending choices get in the way of enjoying the things you want and are able to save for. The Carvonis Group hopes these money saving tips prove effective and make your rainy day fun a little more funded.

The Carvonis Group wants to know… what are your favorite ways to save money? Share them in the comments below!

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