3 Things You Might Not Realize You’re Doing That Are Hurting Your Team

Teamwork plays an extremely important role in our success here at The Carvonis Group (Miami, FL).


Every company is essentially one big team working towards a common goal. Within that big team working towards this goal, there are smaller teams working towards smaller goals—this is all part of the process!

In order for a team to function like a well-oiled machine, individuals must possess an awareness of how their behavior impacts others. In order to be an effective leader and team member, you must step back, examine your work, and make necessary changes to improve. That’s why The Carvonis Group is here to keep you on your game by sharing 3 things you might not realize you’re doing that are hurting your team.

1. Recognition

Feedback is both desired and required for making a team work. Your people want to know how they’re performing because in order to get better, they need to be made aware of the specific areas that need improving. When it comes to building skills, feedback is completely necessary.

On the other hand, leaders can sometimes communicate shortcomings far more often than achievements. This tends to have a serious negative effect on the team’s morale because they are only hearing about negative aspects of their performance. A little recognition can go a long way and your team deserves to be thanked and congratulated when they are performing well.

2. Mood

Have you ever hung out with a group of people and, all of a sudden, the whole vibe changes because of one friend’s bad mood? It can be awkward, tense, and certainly unenjoyable. Take this into consideration when you’re around your team and you’re feeling glum or irritable.

Your emotions are important, but not important enough to jeopardize the decision-making, attention and focus, mood, and productivity of the team. You are the one they are looking up to, so your verbal and nonverbal communication has a lasting effect on the entire group dynamic. Always remember to be professional!

3. Consistency

If you want to lead an efficient, hard-working, and punctual team, you need to be consistent. That means you have to follow through with your word on a consistent basis. If you lack consistency, you will be molding a team that lacks it as well, and that will ultimately hurt the company.

If The Carvonis Group didn’t provide consistently impressive results for our clients, we wouldn’t have clients for very long. Be fair, be accurate, and always let your team know about any unexpected changes in advance!



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