Meet Esmerald [Part 1]

Meet Esmerald Hametaj: Trainer at The Carvonis Group, Albania native, self-taught breakdancer, math and science aficionado, and speaker of 5 languages.


Esmerald, called Aldo by his team members, has only been part of the team since February, but has already been standing out at The Carvonis Group — and not just because of his killer dance moves. President Krystoff Carvonis shared,

“Aldo is a living example that with grit and determination you can achieve anything. He had no prior knowledge of sales and marketing when he started working here, yet, today, he is a top performer. He pays attention to detail, remains organized, and always has a goal in mind. He’s a testament to the fact that nothing is impossible when you really want something.”

Growing up in Albania, Esmerald was surrounded by small business owners. His father had a car shop near their home. “Since he didn’t have a standard ‘clock in clock out’ 8 hour job, he was always able to be there for us,” he reflected.

Motivated by independence, running his own business has been in the back of Esmerald’s mind as long as he can remember. “I was always around people doing their own thing, so that stuck with me, and that’s what I’ve always been chasing.” With Albania being such a small country, however, Esmerald was aware that his opportunities were limited there.

Esmerald, Krystoff and Lester on a recent business trip in New York

Venturing over to the United States in 2014, Esmerald attended college in the Boston area at U Mass and later at Salem State. He received his Bachelor’s in Biochemical Engineering and minored in Chemistry and Math. Impressively, he finished college in less than 4 years.

In pursuit of financial and personal independence, Esmerald was considering entering the medical profession. However, like many young professionals uninterested in acquiring debt, the reality set in that not unlike starting a business, it was expensive. He knew that the typical path to becoming a doctor or starting a business would take many years and lots of money.

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