The Carvonis Group Wins Big, Assistant Manager Lester Speaks at Houston Conference

The Carvonis Group just returned from a Dallas conference with 7 new trophies to add to our shelf. We proudly watched as our entire company was recognized for stellar performance, with notable awards going to Assistant Managers Lester and Daniel, and our president, Krystoff.


One of the highlights of the event was listening to Lester speak on a panel in front of a large audience during a meeting with our telecommunications client. He was asked to give his best advice for building a strong team, and he shared 2 tips that have worked throughout his own professional journey at The Carvonis Group.

Here’s what he had to say:

“The most important thing is to lead by example. As trainers, we have to be able to duplicate ourselves — and we can’t tell someone to do something if we’re not going to do it ourselves.”

He elaborated, sharing advice he learned from his own mentor, Krystoff:

“I’m not going to tell my guys to show up to work early and then come in an hour later myself. I know that if I’m committed, they will be committed with me. Teach people through your own example. Show them they can do it by doing it yourself.”

Lester’s second tip was about building relationships.

“The better relationships you have with your people, the better you’re going to be at building a team. So, spend time with your guys on the weekends. Call them up and say, ‘Let’s grab a drink or watch a movie.’ Just do whatever you do with your friends. Start thinking about your team like your friends and family.”

As you can tell from Lester’s advice, there’s a reason that The Carvonis Group is thriving. When a company’s leadership team truly leads by example and takes the time to build relationships with the team, success is a natural result. We truly could not be prouder of what everyone has accomplished this year, and we congratulate every member of The Carvonis Group on their wins in Dallas.


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