Creating Synergy For Success at The Carvonis Group

At The Carvonis Group (Miami, FL), we believe that when you are succeeding in your personal life, it reflects success in your professional life, and vice versa. When there is positive energy flowing in one part of your life, there is positive energy flowing in all parts of your life. As we were reflecting on what habits lead to success in both of these areas, we found that there are a lot of similarities. We’re passionate about developing these habits in our team because we want them to find that positive energy flow; to find that synergy for success.

Here are some discovery questions to help you uncover successful habits in all aspects of your life!

Are you adding value? – Are you positively influencing a person, place or thing? In work, are you bringing value to your position? Is your department better because you are a part of it? If they were to remove you from this position, would your absence be missed for the value you brought? Personally, do people feel better around you? If your answer is no to any of the above, you need to re-evaluate the energy and value you’re bringing to your surroundings.

Do you have good mentors? – It’s important to have a positive leading example for what you’re working towards. Positive influences allow for a point of reference and a person to call on for advice when you need. If you’re striving to be a good parent, are you asking advice from someone whose kids reflect the way you want yours to be? Are you taking guidance from someone that you would gladly trade places with?

Are you taking action? – One of the main things that hold people back in any part of their life is waiting for conditions to be perfect. As the saying goes,” the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is today.” Is there something you keep saying you’ll do when _____? If the answer to yes about something at home or at work, do something about it NOW.

Are you resilient? – What do you do and how do you react when things do not go as planned? Life happens and the important thing is that you take any obstacle with stride and work even harder toward your goals when life happens. If we could sum this up into a few words we would say be courageous, persistent, and optimistic that you know you will prevail.

Are you living and working with passion? – You need to live life with passion, giving everything that you do your all. Regardless of what you are doing, is it helping fuel your passion for life?  Do you make time for things outside of work that fill up your personal cup- fitness, family, health, spiritual? What is going to make you wake up and get out of bed every day? It’s important to note that you won’t always be passionate about the daily duties of your job (but rather what you will gain from it) and still giving it your best every day. The grueling schedule of a medical student and the loans/debt they accrue is not what they are passionate about, but they do it to the best of their ability because it’s a necessary part of becoming a doctor where they can live out their passion.

At The Carvonis Group, we make sure we are challenging our employees to develop these habits in all aspects of their life. Because of this, we have the confidence that our employees will achieve any goals they set for themselves, personally or professionally.

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