Stop Wasting Time Doing These 10 Things

Everyone at The Carvonis Group (Miami, Fl) has big aspirations but we know that we will never achieve them if we’re not 100% focused on our daily actions. A large focus of the ongoing development of our team is on creating action plans to reach our goals and the time management necessary to do so. Here are some of the biggest “time wasters” that can potentially slow you down in your pursuit of your goals.

  1. Waiting for inspiration – the first step is always the hardest. Just make a move and then figure out the rest as you go!
  2. Worrying about what people will say – people will always have something to say about everything. Do what’s in your best interest and block out “the noise.”
  3. Complaining – nothing productive comes from it and if you understand the law of attraction, the more you complain and focus on the negatives in life, the more they will appear.
  4. Trying to please everybody – this is literally impossible to do.
  5. Comparing yourself to others – most of the time, you are only seeing the finished product of someone’s hard work OR the highlight reel they promote on social media. Keep your head down and focus on yourself.
  6. Repeating the same mistakes – make the mistake, learn from it, and don’t make the same mistake twice.
  7. Being a perfectionist – imperfect actions are better than no action at all.
  8. Lack of priorities – if your priorities aren’t in order, you’ll spend way too much time focusing on things that are not important and won’t get you any closer to your goals.
  9. Fearing failure – anything that’s worth doing will not come easy, expect there to be hardships and failures. The most successful people are so because they failed more times than others but never gave up. (See: any inspirational story about success ever published.)
  10. Not living your life – in the grand scheme of things, life is short and there are no do-overs. “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West

Now that you’re done wasting time, be sure to check out The Carvonis Group’s tips on being more productive. 

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