What Does Disney, Leadership, and The Carvonis Group Have In Common?

Our 2019 Organizational Leadership Retreat!

The Carvonis Group (Miami, FL) had the chance to attend an Organizational Leadership Retreat earlier this month in Orlando, FL. We were proud to have our Director of Human Resources, Tiffany, and President, Krystoff, represent the firm with a bunch of successful business owners and associates from around the country. This four-day retreat focused on business and leadership development and also allowed for guests to enjoy some tourism fun!

The agenda included an executive dinner after guests arrived, a full day of conference meetings and workshops and some fun in the sun. Everyone got to experience a night out on the town, a cookout, and a sunny day at Universal Studios. This truly was a great event where we worked hard, and then got to play hard all while spending time with genuinely amazing people.

If you know anything about The Carvonis Group, we believe in passion, integrity, leadership, and growth. This retreat focused on all of these concepts. One of the favorite workshops of Krystoff, was on how to change our limiting beliefs. Here was his biggest takeaway;

“It’s very easy for us to go into things with a fixed mindset but learning how the process works gave me a deeper understanding on how we form our beliefs and how we need to look at different perspectives before creating a belief for ourselves.”

He’s already been implementing these strategies with the rest of our team to help them achieve more success day to day.

As for Tiffany’s takeaways, she said that she gained a lot from the leadership development workshop. One of the main messages was about how you see yourself as a leader is not always how other see you as a leader. “I thought that part was extremely eye-opening in the sense that we don’t always look at our actions from the outside looking in. That alone helps you to form better relationships with your people.”

One of The Carvonis Group’s favorite parts about this type of event is the amount of new and improved information we can bring back to help our company grow. Learning is how we are able to bring the best results to our clients and how we are able to stay ahead of our competition. We are excited to really put this information into action and hit some big goals for the second half of the year. Check out some of the fun highlights below!




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