The Carvonis Group’s ‘Top Guns’

The Carvonis Group is proud to announce that Franz Einar Siegel and Joseph Botbol have been named our 2019 “Top Guns” and were invited to attend an elite, all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles. Franz and Joseph were chosen to attend this event referred to as a “Top Gun” event because they are exactly that at our company. Their performance over the last few months made them eligible for the trip but their exhibition of leadership and helping others also be successful is what sealed them this prized trip.  The intentions of the trip were to gather like-minded professionals from 30 different locations nationwide, and share best practices, learn leadership and entrepreneurship skills and also be exposed to the bigger vision from our clients.

Franz said he learned, and was able to solidify, that our industry allows you to take away a few key skillsets that can be applied to your life…

  • build a strong resume of experience.
  • learn sales skills.
  • create great professional and personal habits.

“Sales skills are so important because you can be the best architect but if you can’t sell your plan its means nothing”.

Franz Siegel

The Carvonis Group is proud that not just one, but two of our employees were chosen to be in attendance. Not only were they able to learn a lot but they have come back to work and shared this information with all of us as well.

“Leadership by example and attention to details are vital to create success and develop the energy! The lesson I learned is that if we put our mind at it, we can achieve it. Just surround ourselves by those we want to be like and the rest will come. ”

Joseph Botbol

To be very clear, the trip was not just meetings and business suits. The trip was meant to reflect a work hard, play hard vibe. After meetings on the first day, the group was able to enjoy a nice dinner on Santa Monica Pier, go to Venice Beach and take a hike that they will never forget. We are excited to have such successful individuals in our company as well as across the nation as resources to help The Carvonis Group be a top player in our industry. To see more this trip, check out our video:

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