Consistency, Most Valuable Partner, and Growth: The Carvonis Group Recognized Nationally

The Carvonis Group attended at National Conference in Atlanta in July and we did not come back empty-handed. Every year the firm strives to improve. We focus on mastering and improving our craft to be the best that we can be for our employees as well as for our clients. One of the most exciting parts of the conference this year is that we were given awards for multiple departments which means that our company is succeeding all around and not just in one area.

Our company was recognized for being the most stable and consistent for our client. They can rely on us the most compared to our competitors for quality and quantity results. When speaking about us in their corporate meetings they refer to us as “the stand out”, “consistent” and “most reliable” vendor they work with. To follow up that recognition, we also won the “most improved” company our clients have seen this year. As we mentioned, we strive to grow and be the best that we can be. We recognize that last year we did not hit all of our goals we set but we never stopped trying. The Carvonis Group is proud that we were recognized as a company for the major improvements and enhancements that we made to be where we are today. It shows our clients and our employees our commitment to their success.

A lot of our success we owe to the vision and guidance of our Founder and CEO, Krystoff. He was awarded for overseeing not one, not two, but three branches for our client. Any Fortune 500 company wants to make sure that they are growing their revenue, employee base, locations, etcetera, and we’ve made sure to do just that.

We were recognized for many ares of our performance by our clients. Learn more about it!

The Carvonis Group would not be who we are today without our Human Resources Team. Tiffany and Janet are the best at what they do behind the scenes and as the face of the company. They were both recognized for the quality of work they do. They work very hard to make sure that our clients have the best individuals representing them with the highest integrity. With that being said, they help so many people be successful because of their high standards for every location.  Tiffany received some major recognition for the employee experience. Her major focus is to ensure employee satisfaction in someone’s tenure. This team appreciates the newest face of the company alongside the senior employee who both have great skills to offer.

These awards and recognition are important to us. Not for bragging rights but because it is the culmination of all the hard work our company puts in week after week to be the best. We focus on improving every day with the intentions to be a stand out company and this conference was proof that we are doing it! We cannot be prouder of everyone at The Carvonis Group.

The Carvonis Group Awards Conference 2019

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