The Carvonis Group Attends 2019 Entrepreneur Summit

A few weeks ago our CEO, Krystoff, represented The Carvonis Group (Hollywood, FL) at an Entrepreneur Summit. This invite-only event took place in Los Angeles, CA and was one that is going to immensely impact the firm for the future. Successful entrepreneurs from all over the country were flown in for two days of meetings with additional networking opportunities, hiking and a visit to one of our associate’s home.

The purpose of the event was to interact with top leaders in our industry, discuss best business practices and participate in developmental workshops. We are honored and prideful that we were asked to attend because one of our core values at The Carvonis Group is growth. We know that there are constantly new technologies and new business development practices coming to fruition and we want to make sure that our firm is ahead of our competition. The fact that we were singled out to attend a summit that sharpened our mind and our skillsets are supporting the hard work we do every day.

The different developmental workshops we participated in are something we are going to implement back in our office in Hollywood, FL. The strategy and development sessions included understanding emotional intelligence, learning about our client’s growth strategies and participating in corporate leadership training. At the core, being educated in these three areas is going to help Krystoff be a better CEO to the company, but in turn, teaching the team is going to help each individual be the best representation to our client and themselves.

When the session about our client’s growth strategies ended we could not be more excited about what we learned. When asked about it, Krystoff said, “The industry that we are in is growing exponentially and adding new clients in the tech industry”.  Now is the time for The Carvonis Group to take advantage of the forecasted growth. We have already started to implement some practices since Krystoff came back and we are going to make sure that our firm is ready to take on new tech clients in the near future.

Watch some of the highlights from this event below!

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