Stuck At Home? Stay Engaged With These Tips!

At The Carvonis Group we are always encouraging our employees to constantly be learning, and to constantly be growing personally and professionally but we do this during meetings throughout the week. What is someone supposed to do when they do not have an employer encouraging them or a job that fills their day with these suggestions. As we reflect on a lot of people being home from work, we can’t help but think they shouldn’t be on vacation mode but should be in engaging mode. Here’s some tips.

1. Get Organized: Technically, we’re approaching “spring cleaning time” anyway so let’s get started. Do you have a drawer that you just pile papers in and you’ll “eventually file them”? Is your email inbox overflowing with junk mail or you can’t find the important ones? Take 2 hours to do this. There probably is a box full of old clothes or the back of your closet that you can sort through and organize. Catch up on bills. Revisit or create a budget plan for you so you can start saving more. Whatever it is, take this time to get organized.

2. Exercise: Sitting around all day is not helping anyone. Exercising releases endorphins, increases your happiness and lowers stress. Do something as simple as go for a walk around your block. A lot of gyms are hosting virtual workouts so you do not even need to leave home. Maybe it is time you pick up yoga like you’ve said you were going to.

3. Increase your Skills: Is there something you’ve wanted to learn but just don’t have the time? Pick up a book. Watch a few Youtube videos to learn how to do something or sign up for an online class. This will help you once you are back at work.

4. Keep a schedule: An individual functions better when on a schedule. They are more productive and feel more accomplished even if itโ€™s the simplest of schedules. Sticking to this schedule will help you get back into the swing of things once you get back to work.

All of these things are very simple to do however most people prefer to take the past of least resistance which is just lying on the couch, sleeping in all day and basically just being lazy. Take this time to focus on developing yourself. This has been the time you’ve always wished for. Think of those times you’ve said, “I wish I had more time” and “If I wasn’t so busy, I definitely would”. Now is the time.

While we feel like these are best practices for any day, it’s even more vital now. Seize the day. Stretch your potential. Come back better than you were. And if you’re going to be on social media, you might as well follow The Carvonis Group on Instagram. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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