Meet Esmerald [Part 2]

[continued from Part 1] Upon interviewing with The Carvonis Group, Esmerald noticed 2 things: first, the opportunity for an entrepreneurial career path, and second, that Krystoff Carvonis, in his opinion, “looks like the guy from The Wolf of Wallstreet.” Now a thriving member of the team, he is actively moving closer to a management position… Continue reading Meet Esmerald [Part 2]

Meet Esmerald [Part 1]

Meet Esmerald Hametaj: Trainer at The Carvonis Group, Albania native, self-taught breakdancer, math and science aficionado, and speaker of 5 languages. Esmerald, called Aldo by his team members, has only been part of the team since February, but has already been standing out at The Carvonis Group — and not just because of his killer… Continue reading Meet Esmerald [Part 1]

Autumn DIY Projects for Thanksgiving [PART TWO]

Welcome back to even more Thanksgiving themed crafts that will be sure to add spice and color to your Thanksgiving celebrations, however you choose to celebrate. The Carvonis Group has much to be thankful for this year, wonderful employees, a really cool CEO and a great relationship with our clients as well as a place… Continue reading Autumn DIY Projects for Thanksgiving [PART TWO]

6 DIY Project Ideas for Thanksgiving [PART ONE]

It is November, and with the Thanksgiving season comes great food and quality time with friends and family. Seasonal festivities also bring so many wonderful crafting opportunities to prepare for Thanksgiving Day. The Carvonis Group has put together part one of a list of DIY Thanksgiving Day crafts that are easy to make and will… Continue reading 6 DIY Project Ideas for Thanksgiving [PART ONE]

3 Chilling Horror Movies to Watch This October [LIST]

It’s October here and everyone at The Carvonis Group (Miami, FL) is excited. With fall upon us, it’s time for pumpkin-flavored anything, costume hunting, and most, importantly, horror movies! Of course, not everyone has the bravery to sit through an hour and a half of spooky scares and spine-tingling tales; however, those of you that are… Continue reading 3 Chilling Horror Movies to Watch This October [LIST]