The Carvonis Group’s Own Rising Star!

Rewarded for her contributions, Tiffany was treated to an all-expense paid VIP trip to LA! Don’t miss the highlight video!


Meet Esmerald [Part 2]

[continued from Part 1] Upon interviewing with The Carvonis Group, Esmerald noticed 2 things: first, the opportunity for an entrepreneurial career path, and second, that Krystoff Carvonis, in his opinion, “looks like the guy from The Wolf of Wallstreet.” Now a thriving member of the team, he is actively moving closer to a management position… Continue reading Meet Esmerald [Part 2]

Meet Esmerald [Part 1]

Meet Esmerald Hametaj: Trainer at The Carvonis Group, Albania native, self-taught breakdancer, math and science aficionado, and speaker of 5 languages. Esmerald, called Aldo by his team members, has only been part of the team since February, but has already been standing out at The Carvonis Group — and not just because of his killer… Continue reading Meet Esmerald [Part 1]

3 Tips to Stay Focused on Your Goals | The Carvonis Group

We are all about goals here at The Carvonis Group. Setting them, tracking them, and achieving them are all part of what makes our team great! This is a lot easier said than done, however, because it can be difficult to focus on those goals. Focus is the glue that holds the entire process together,… Continue reading 3 Tips to Stay Focused on Your Goals | The Carvonis Group