Mission vs Vision: How They’re Different and Why They’re Both Important

At The Carvonis Group (Hollywood, FL), coaching and development are at the core of our values. We believe that in order to have a great company you need to first coach your employees properly; giving them all of the tools they need to be successful. In our management training program we do just that…teaching everyone about the business fundamentals. A successful business has a clear mission and vision, and understanding the difference between the two is vital before you can actually create one. Today, we’re sharing that crucial foundation of knowledge!

What is a mission statement?

A mission defines a business’ main objective and how they are going to get there. It is the core purpose of a business and why it is running. Essentially, a mission is the WHY behind the WHAT. It is mainly used in the present tense and sets clear standards for the goal of a company. 

Questions a mission statement asks:

  • What does your business stand for?
  • What value do you add?

For example, Google’s mission statement is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” 

What is a vision statement?

The vision includes the aspirations and goals of a company. A company’s vision is something to be accomplished in the future and sets a clear direction for progress. It also defines the core goal in one sentence. By following the actions of the mission statement, they will create the vision they want.

To compare, Google’s vision statement is “to provide access to the world’s information in one click.” 

Questions a vision statement asks:

  • Where do you want your business to go?
  • What do you want to do?

Here at The Carvonis Group, we believe that by teaching our team best business practices, we are all able to develop and grow as professionals – ultimately reaching our goals together! For more business tips, follow us on LinkedIn.

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