The Carvonis Group Welcomes Maria Diaz to the Management Team!

The Carvonis Group HR Manager
The Carvonis Group HR Manager: Maria Paula Diaz

The Carvonis Group (Hollywood, FL) is excited to announce our most recent team member, Maria Paula Diaz. She received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, in Colombia. Shortly after, Maria went on to also receive her Masters in Human Resources Management at the University of Barcelona, Spain. 

Before Maria joined The Carvonis Team, she had previous experience in Human Resources in different industries such as an insurance and manufacturing. Maria knew she was looking to stay in an HR role but she desired more personal growth and to further her career in the field. She was excited to join our team knowing that it offered a challenging environment for her to professionally grow and advance in her position.

Here at The Carvonis Group, helping our team not only reach their professional goals but also their personal goals is extremely important to us. When we met Maria, she told us she was looking to expand her professional knowledge, training, and strengthen professional relationships. We knew this was going to be a great fit when she shared this with us because part of our company mission is to create a climate where our staff can thrive in a fun, team environment and be recognized for their hard work.

After being employed for only a short time, we asked Maria what she liked most about working for our company. “I like working with driven people who visibly enjoy what they’re doing. This gives me the ‘changing the world’ feeling.’ It’s also a company with a bright future and with great opportunities for growth,” she stated. Maria’s determination and visions for our company will help continue creating a positive work environment and help our company grow to our fullest strengths and abilities. Outside of work Maria has many interest and hobbies. Some of her favorite activities include, cycling, reading & writing, and going to the beach on her days off. We’re very excited to have her as a part of our team and we look forward to watching her grow in such an important role in our company.

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