The Carvonis Group Reviews Kaizen in the Workplace

The Carvonis Group (Hollywood, FL) explores the value Kaizen can bring to our business. Kaizen translated is the Sino-Japanese word for “improvement” and when practiced in the workplace can immensely impact the success of the company. The philosophy behind Kaizen is developing a culture where every single employee, regardless of seniority or title, is equally and actively engaged in improving the company. The first step in embracing Kaizen is educating and developing our employees on the concept.

No matter how talented or smart you are, if you do the same thing every day, you will get in a routine where you just go through the motions and do not seek to improve or develop personally or professionally. At The Carvonis Group, this is the opposite of what we want for our team. We want our employees to seek growth and challenge themselves to improve every day. We know that our employees are the foundation of our company’s success. They are the best connection to our clients, to our customers and we encourage them to share and promote the ideas they have. Having this open line of communication and avenue for feedback will allow for us to grow quicker and stronger.

Kaizen debunks the stereotypical concept that all the “stiff suits” in high-level positions just sit in a board room making executive decisions about a company. We realize this may be a new concept to some, so in order to help, we have a few tips on how to start practicing Kaizen.

  1. Discard conventional fixed ideas
  2. Think of HOW to do it, not WHY it can’t be done.
  3. Do not make excuses. Start by questioning current practices.
  4. Do not seek perfection. Do it right away even if it’s not 100% correct.
  5. Correct something right away if you make a mistake.
  6. Do not spend money on Kaizen, use your wisdom.
  7. Wisdom is brought out when faced with hardships. Embrace them.
  8. Ask “WHY” five times and seek the root causes.
  9. Seek the WISDOM of five people, NOT the knowledge of one.
  10. Kaizen ideas are infinite.

Kaizen shows us that it’s important to embrace a culture of intellectual development. It’s important to combine all of the collective efforts of the team to improve. When everyone is thinking, planning and acting with Kaizen in mind, success is inevitable. To learn more about our company and our daily approach of achieving Kaizen, follow The Carvonis Group on Twitter.

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