Meet Team Leader Ana Delgado

One of The Carvonis Group’s prized Team Leaders, Ana Delgado, was able to set aside some time from her busy day to give us some insight into her career and why she loves it so much.

Recently winning a leadership award at a national conference New Orleans, Ana is a great example of an employee with a winning mentality and rigorous work ethic. Considering she has been here less than 6 months, her ability to adapt swiftly and make significant strides is impressive, to say the least.

Ana shared her fondness of her job, coworkers, and her boss – the CEO of The Carvonis Group, Krystoff Carvonis.

“[Krystoff] is always pushing me to set and achieve my goals. He is the greatest inspiration that I have ever had throughout my professional career. When I was training, he put in so much effort to teach me everything about the business and the field. He is an individual with a lot of skill and experience and I really look up to that.”

Ana also shared how grateful she is for the growth potential at The Carvonis Group.

“What I love most about working here is how much room I have to grow. I have never been given such great opportunities learn and advance in my career as I have here. I am learning so much from Krystoff and the rest of the team that I can use in my professional career as well as my personal life.”

Ana’s position requires diligence, patience, and persistence in order for her to be successful. If she did not have this mentality beforehand, adjusting to her new job would have been difficult; however, she did learn a lot more from working here.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 2.19.56 PM

“I have learned the importance of trying new things, setting goals, and not giving up. The people that I work with really push each other for success and it’s an excellent environment to be in. Failure is not viewed as something that blocks your path. We learn to get back up and keep going. It is something that I use in all areas of my life now.”

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