3 Things Only Mentally Tough People Do | The Carvonis Group

The Carvonis Group (Miami, FL) shares a cheat sheet of habits that people with a high level of mental fortitude all have in common.


The Carvonis Group (Miami, FL) is proud to have a team of some of the most resilient individuals in the industry. As any of them will tell you, it takes a lot of work and some specific habits to really perfect your mental stamina. While most of them have learned these lessons over the course of several years, we figured we’d help you avoid the trial-and-error method by providing a list of 3 things that mentally tough people commonly do.

1) They develop their emotional intelligence

You can only control your emotions if you truly understand them. Making a habit of developing your emotional intelligence is the first step in achieving mental fortitude. Mentally weak people allow their emotions to govern, which leads to rash decisions when they’re emotionally compromised. Dedicate the time and energy to researching and becoming familiar with psychological phenomena. Dig deep and get to know your own thought processes. Understand how your feelings are affecting your actions so you can control your behavior, no matter how upset or frustrated you are.

2) They maintain a positive attitude

Becoming a pro at maintaining an optimistic outlook on life is a vital part of psychological stamina. If you constantly have a negative mentality, your pessimism will inhibit your ability to make critical decisions objectively and effectively. If you find yourself struggling to keep a positive attitude, invest some of your time in consuming positive content. Uplifting books, podcasts, and documentaries are just a few of the many motivational resources that are great for when you need a little mood boost.

3) They avoid negative influences

Even the most mentally strong people understand that they’re not 100% immune to toxic people. The best way to make sure that negative individuals don’t influence you is to do your best to avoid them in the first place. You’ve probably heard the saying “misery loves company” before. When you spend time with people who complain and speak pessimistically, you’re opening yourself up to those contagious feelings of negativity.

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