Working at The Carvonis Group: From an Employee’s Perspective

Adriano Patiño, a trainer at The Carvonis Group reviews his experience as a team member.

the-carvonis-group-2AJ has been a part of our Miami-based firm for just under a year and has already been recognized for his performance on a regional and national level. He agreed to shed some light on what it’s really like to work at The Carvonis Group – from his favorite memories, what his coworkers are like, and even what he thinks of the boss! If you’re curious what it would be like to work at this firm, step into AJ’s shoes for few minutes by reading on!

“The team is awesome!”  That was the first thing out of AJ’s mouth when we asked about his coworkers. He went on to say,

“This is not your usual office atmosphere. We joke around all the time and are competitive with each other. In the end, we still want the other person to succeed so we help and support one another rather than trip each other. I think throw downs and challenging each other motivate us a lot!”

He went on to talk about what it’s like working for Krystoff Carvonis, President of The Carvonis Group.

“Krystoff is super driven and energetic! He will motivate and push you to strive for excellence every day. I love working here because just when I think I’ve done my best, he helps me to take it a step further and improve more!”

AJ also told us that Krystoff loves joking around too. There are Nerf Guns in the ofthe-carvonis-group-1fice (yes, really!) and he’ll play jokes on the team… and of course, the team returns the gestures!

One of the many ways that the company creates a strong bond amongst employees is by encouraging them to attend different events and outings together. Some of AJ’s favorite office nights have been playing dodgeball, playing giant Jenga in a restaurant at Dolphin Mall, shooting pool and having buffalo wings and of course, laser tag. In his words, “these types of outings bring us together on more of a friendship level.  This helps us at the office because we joke around like friends would.”

To learn more about the company culture at The Carvonis Group you should definitely check out our Facebook page!

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