Get to Know our HR Manager [PART 3]

In case you missed it, we’ve been speaking with Jackie Wimmer, our Human Resources Manager here at The Carvonis Group about all things HR. Here is part one and here is part two. Read the finale to our interview with her below!


Since you got married recently, how have you been balancing and blending your work life with your personal life?

I got married in September. My husband is actually the reason that I’m here in Miami because he was raised here. So you could definitely say that love brought me here! He’s an amazing guy, I could not ask for a better person because he really understands. He told me that he knows that I really love what I do and that he supports me. It makes me happy and he wouldn’t take away my happiness.

It’s easy to balance both aspects of my life because my husband gets along with my coworkers and my manager really well. I take him to parties with them! So that part is easy, it’s only tough when I’m going on a lot of business trips because I miss him, but he definitely supports me 150 percent!

What was your favorite part of the Top Gun seminar that you attended in Los Angeles?

JackieQuote3I’ve only had this position for about a year. I’m really new. I didn’t have any expectations, I just wanted to learn everybody’s name. I won the competition to attend when I only had two months of recruiting experience. I was competing with other HR professionals who had three to five years of experience on me. For me to be so new and still beat them was a huge compliment. It proved to me that my hard work paid off and that I’m on the right track.

One of the coolest parts of attending Top Gun was that people already knew who I was because of my hard work. I actually get very emotional and stressed out when I don’t see results, but the people there were like, “Jackie, you’re here because you got yourself here, not because someone handed it to you.” I really need to start giving myself more credit and more recognition!

Who would you say that your biggest mentor is? What have you learned from them?

That’s definitely my mom. She’s my rock. I am the person that I am because of her. When I went to Top Gun, my amazing manager and my mom got in touch, and I got to see my mom and my sister. She lives in Mexicali, it’s a four-hour drive to Los Angeles, so Krystoff surprised me and I got to spend the day with them.

Thank you for all of your hard work Jackie, keep it up!

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