Athletes Succeeding In Business at The Carvonis Group

At The Carvonis Group, our culture is fueled by competition, team camaraderie, and a desire to help to grow personally and professionally. Individuals (many of whom have an athletic background) who share these same traits and beliefs tend to do extremely well here, and thus is the case for former Baltimore Orioles pitcher, Nickolas Gruener. An unfortunate elbow injury led him step away from an athletic career, but fortunately for us, this led him to interview with our firm in October. With an athletic background and a degree in Economics from Harvard, Nickolas was looking for a company that would embrace competition and passion. (check and check.)

the-carvonis-group-nickollas-gruenerIn his few short months with us, Nickolas has already been recognized for the leadership that he has brought to our team! Since he has made such an impact in very short amount of time, we asked him what advice he has received that has helped him thus far.

“Stay positive around everyone, even when you have a bad day yourself. Negativity spreads like wildfire and you should always be the one supporting the success of those around you, rather than intentionally, or unintentionally, bringing them down,” explained Nickolas.

It comes as no surprise that with this wisdom and work ethic that he is already being recognized for his leadership.

Company President, Krystoff, added that “Nick’s student mentality and willingness to learn is exemplary and one of his strongest attributes that put him in a position to succeed faster than others. He is committed to, and cares for, everyone around him. He catches on to things fast but most importantly, he applies them right away.”

We look forward to seeing Nickolas continue to grow and flourish in his career with us at The Carvonis Group!

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