Taking His Future Into His Own Hands at The Carvonis Group

Here at The Carvonis Group, our team is comprised of many different backgrounds, work experiences, and educations, but one thing is consistent; our motivation to succeed and help others do the same. One of our Executive Leaders, Joseph Botbol, is a great example of those beliefs.

the-carvonis-group-josephbJoseph joined The Carvonis Group in an entry level role in November of 2017 after experimenting in a couple of different industries. He knew he always wanted to have control of his career, so he tried out different jobs such as at a Mortgage Trading Desk and even with coffee capsule subscriptions, but with each endeavor he never felt fulfilled. He quickly came to realize that he was never going to find fulfillment working in companies that were small minded and did not help their employees with future growth.

With degrees in Finance and Entrepreneurship form University of Miami, he found The Carvonis Group during his search for right career fit. After being employed for only a short amount of time he realized he could be a part of building a business from the ground up on the company’s expense and work towards generating enough income to put some aside and begin investing in his own future business. The career growth, the company culture, and team dynamic was the perfect fit for Joseph!

Our president Krystoff had nothing but great things to say about Joseph and his leadership:

“He’s a ball of energy and brings life to the team. He’s always excited and people want to follow him for this simple reason. Joseph cares a lot for his people and will always go the extra mile to help them out.”

We asked Joseph what the best advice he had received during his year and half working with us and he said, ” Lead with actions, not words. For me this means to do everything right and have other people seeing you do them; and for that, people will follow to get to the same results.”

Nickolas (left) and Joseph (right) after receiving an award for outstanding leadership by the President of The Carvonis Group (center). Read more about Nickolas here.

With Joseph’s commitment to personal development, his passion for helping others succeed, and his contagious positive energy, we know that he will continue to great things here at The Carvonis Group! Keep up with our team by following us on Instagram!

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