Meet Esmerald [Part 2]

[continued from Part 1]

Upon interviewing with The Carvonis Group, Esmerald noticed 2 things: first, the opportunity for an entrepreneurial career path, and second, that Krystoff Carvonis, in his opinion, “looks like the guy from The Wolf of Wallstreet.”

Leonardo DiCaprio and Krystoff Carvonis — do you see the resemblance?

Now a thriving member of the team, he is actively moving closer to a management position in which he will have his own client and market — and ultimately, the independence he’s been seeking.

Through his position at The Carvonis Group, he has experienced what he describes as a “switch of mentality.” He has learned to keep transactions more simple and to relax and take the time to get to know his customers. “I tend to overcomplicate things. I’ve learned not to overanalyze everything and just focus on helping people out,” Esmerald shared.

When faced with a challenge, Esmerald reminds himself, “This too shall pass.” Cognizant that all success stories have chapters about obstacles, he knows that he has to follow his vision and push past anything that gets in his way.

Lester, Krystoff and Esmerald in NY

Esmerald is grateful for the support that he’s had from the team thus far. He appreciates being able to share common experiences with other members of The Carvonis Group.

“Whatever you’re going through, someone else has been there before. There are so many people supporting you — it’s such a positive work environment.”

Esmerald also enjoys the relationship he has with his manager, our president. “Krystoff gives really good advice. He has extensive knowledge about the business and is a really strong leader — but he can do both — he’s also really there for us.”

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching Esmerald in his element — that is, breakdancing — you’re missing out. This impressive skill is not only an example of his natural ability to light up a room, but is a result of hours of deliberate practice. Inspired by a talent show performer back in high school, it was “love at first sight.” Esmerald taught himself how to breakdance by watching YouTube videos in slow motion, practicing every day for a year and a half. Check out some of his moves at a recent conference in South Florida:

This renaissance man also enjoys working out, spending time with friends, and staying sharp on his 5 languages — Albanian, English, Italian, Spanish, and French.

What can we say… we’re impressed! Be sure to check back on our blog to hear more about Esmerald’s journey.

And on a final note — if you do get the chance to chat with Esmerald, we encourage you to ask him about his favorite office event, when he played on a volleyball team against Krystoff.

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