The Carvonis Group’s Own Rising Star!

the-carvonis-group-tiffThe Carvonis Group (Miami, FL) is proud to announce that our very own, Tiffany QuinteroHernandez, was asked to attend a National Rising Star event based on her work, contributions and results that she has brought to our company. Only a few select people in the country were recognized for this and were flown out to LA for an all-expenses-paid trip. When Tiffany landed, she was greeted with a welcome dinner, ear pods and $100 cash. That was just within the first few hours of her being out there.

We asked Tiffany what if felt like to be a “rising star” in her industry and she said,

“It feels AWESOME! It’s so great to be rewarded and feel appreciated for all of the hard work I put it. Sometimes it’s hard to see how far you have actually come, but when you get rewarded so generously, it’s almost impossible to not feel motivated to keep pushing forward.”

This event brought together like-minded individuals like Tiffany to learn more about her industry and department so she can continue to grow and improve individually and her efforts at The Carvonis Group. She had the chance to hear from successful women entrepreneurs who spoke not just about their success but about their challenges and journey. One of the biggest takeaways is that it is very important to grow and develop yourself but equally if not more important to help others grow.

This weekend was not all meetings. Tiffany also attended a wine blending activity where they made their own wine, was fitted for a custom suit, had a photo shoot and enjoyed a private rooftop pool event. This was an amazing experience that she got to have based on her being outstanding at her job. We asked her what how do rewards like this help her to stay motivated and she said, “I am constantly reminded of how far I have grown professionally and it feels good to be constantly appreciated for the hard work you put in daily.”

Tiffany and The Carvonis Group are no stranger to being recognized for their hard work and results. It’s part of our company mission where we create a climate where our staff can thrive in a fun, team environment and be recognized for their work. Watch the highlight video below from Tiffany’s trip!

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