Have Massive Goals Like Us? Do These 5 Things To Constantly Improve

At The Carvonis Group (Miami, FL) we will not reach our massive goals of growth and expansion if our employees are only trained on their day to day job tasks. The personal development of our people is what elevates our team to think bigger, do more and be better all-around individuals which positively influences our company’s growth and clients’ expansion. In order to accomplish this, we encourage our employees to focus on these 5 ways to constantly be improving.

Read Books – Successful people have taken their own notes and had them typed up so we can understand the information. It’s like skipping the lecture and just getting the content.

Listen to Podcasts – Maybe you’re not a reader or do not have the time to dedicate to a long book. Podcasts are a great alternative because you can listen to it on your way to work, at the gym or when you’re unwinding from your day. And you can get great information in the delivery from the speaker as well.

Accept Feedback and Critique – Compliments are great but if we’re never addressing what needs to be improved, then we’re lying to ourselves and will become complacent. We regularly sit down with our team to provide coaching and constructive feedback. This type of feedback can turn a good employee to a great employee with focus and hard work.

Work Towards a Goal – Big goals are important but what some fail to do is set small incremental goals along the way that can help you stay on the right path. A big goal may seem very far away but as long as you are gradually working towards it, you will see the improvements and stay motivated towards the end-goal.

Be Open to Change – Personal development is going to come from getting outside your comfort zone and doing things that you have never done before. Those that do not grow are the ones that are stuck in their ways. Be open to new ideas, new technology, new ways of thinking, etc.

All of these things are very simple but take discipline from the individual to carry out. We create a culture at our company that encourages these actions as well help hold our team accountable in order to stay on course with their development. Growing people are happy people and we know this is one of the main factors of our success. Follow The Carvonis Group on Instagram to see for yourself!

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